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jetting heavy silt and gravel

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  • jetting heavy silt and gravel

    I have a Harben jetter, 14gpm at 4000, yesterday I had to give up on a job, 15 meters of 110mm (4.5 inch) tube that the builders had left full of heavy sediments, I could only enter from upstream. In the end the builders agreed to replace the blocked section. I am fairly new to the business and I have always had problems with clearing heavy silt, I just seem to move it up and down the pipe, anyone got any advice?

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    Re: jetting heavy silt and gravel

    problem with going in from upstream is you're not flushing it away, you're pulling it back to you. the trick is to pull it downstream and catch it with a strainer or a vacuum.

    can they open up a downstream location to allow for jetting back upstream

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      Re: jetting heavy silt and gravel

      I would have liked to open up downstream but the pipe runs right over some ministry achives, I didn't want to make a mess if I couldn't be sure I could finish the job properly, the documents were getting well dripped on already. Barcelona is fun, breathe deep that sweet smell of work, the drains are lousy!!!