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Drain cleaning Terrible Plumbing

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  • Drain cleaning Terrible Plumbing

    Got called to a new customer she said the mainline was clogged but it happened before and a cleanout was installed. Great! Rolled over saw a flooded bathroom and kitchen, opened the cleanout and it was dry.... hmmmmm. So I crawl under the house in the crawl space and see just terrible drains. For starters the flooded bathroom was a added branch that was a toilet,shower and washing machine. Besides all the santees on their backs it all was a 3" abs line that connected to a 2" that went 20 feet and connected to the main stack. Guess where the clog was She said her ex husband did it all and it has worked fine for 19 years. Offered to fix it she said no, removed the toilet used a 2" cutter and reamed all the muck thru to the stack. I said no warranty.
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    Re: Drain cleaning Terrible Plumbing

    I always love the "well it`s worked that way for the last 100 years"
    They think your trying to get in their pockets. you cant in to em with a hammer that it`s not plumbed right.

    You just cant fix Stupid!


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      Re: Drain cleaning Terrible Plumbing

      I have yet to see someone reduce their main drain to 2"! I wouldn't have offered to clean it, I would have insisted on fixing the drain right. If she refused, I'd slip out and make a quick call to the city plumbing inspector and the health department.
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        Re: Drain cleaning Terrible Plumbing

        Cuda, I went on a call within the last year to a very nice older woman in a "modified" travel trailer. It was once a road or pull behind camper that had been added on to in a trailer park. Said she smelled sewer gas. My first thought was those junk AAVs they use in trailers/rv's. When I went under the trailer and took a look at the plumbing... Oh my.. This was done by a DIYer who figured out where to buy PVC pipe, fittings, and cement, but did not know the real principals of plumbing. When I asked her who did it, she pointed to a picture on the wall, "My late husband! He loved doing anything and everything around the house."
        "No offense, but, please tell me he wasn't a plumber" "Oh lord, no! He and his pal Andy re-did all the piping about two years before he died. I was amazed that it's worked this long. What does it need?" "In reality, to be right, complete replacement" She just smiled and said she was going to sell anyway. Your story reminded me of that day. Nice lady, wish I had pics of the plumbing. Sadly, I've seen "pros" do sloppier work! Don't blame you a bit for "no warranty".