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popped roof drain

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  • popped roof drain

    This was today. About 6" of water on the roof. When it let go, the suction was so loud and pitched just right, it hurt my ears.
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    Re: popped roof drain

    I love it when the open right up.
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      Re: popped roof drain

      31st and Harlem. Right across from Little Village High School.


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        Re: popped roof drain

        i saw the same thing at a job years ago, but the water never made it out the curb

        went from rooftop lake to indoor swimming pool

        line was full of roofing rocks and the snake jarred the no hub loose.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: popped roof drain

          This is in Chicago, so it's all xh lead and oakum. My apprentice jokingly asked me if the water was going down the drain or thru the ceiling. I told him, "if Charlie (the plant manager) comes up on the roof with a club and beats us to death, that's your answer."
          I rodded thru a urinal drain last year. Pow, it started flowing. I was all happy with myself. The shift advisor came and got me, telling me I might have a problem. We go to the next lowest elevation and water is pouring all over machinery. RuhRoh. luckily, one of the units at this power plant is mothballed, so the machinery was abandoned. They used a cast iron tapped tee on it's back for the urinal. They had been using chemicals on it for years when it was running slow, never bothering to pull the urinal and clean the piss sugar out of it. It turned into a pretty nice job, though. I had to cut out some old cast iron and replace and repipe three urinals.