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3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

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  • 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

    I have a septic cleaning buisness. We carry a sectional(General I-95) on one truck and have a portable jetter at the shope. We would like to add a drum. Almost all of the lines we clean are 4". 80% of them less then 50'. We do want to be able to run the cable over 100'.

    The Ridgid rep sugested the 6200.

    The General rep sugested the Speedrooter 91 or the Sewermatic 100.

    When working with 4" lines, is it an advantage to have a 3/4 cable over a 5/8?

    Also, is it advisable to carry 50' of cable on drum one and 75" on drum two.



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    Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

    in 4" the 3/4 gives you extra power for tough stoppages, but if you do 3" the 5/8 offers better flexability. I run 3/4 in 3" but it is hard sometimes. So buy based on the size pipe you do most. Sounds like 3/4 for 4 "
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      Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

      I use to have a general speedrooter with a 5/8" cable. It worked well on 4" lines, even with roots. ( I replaced it with the impressionator k-60) The general cable is an awesome cable. I used a spiral root saw from general on root stoppages. The main reason i stuck with a 5/8" cable was the weight of the cable in the drum. Its much lighter than the 3/4" and i think it did a good job also!


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        Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

        Over in a Suburb of Chicago called Elgin, tons of the septic guys run around with the spartan 300 and 5/8 cable Its more than enough to clear 99% of the stoppages. Once in a while I will get a call from one of them guys to bring my 1065 and its 3/4" to hit up the 6" lines for them.
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          Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

          I typically run 1/2" in 3" and 4" lines. Rarely need anything more, and it is a lot lighter. I do a lot of short runs in cinh in large buildings with a lot of bends in the lines. Bigger cable would be a drag for those.

          I have a 3/4 machine I use when extra power is needed or for very long lines.

          I jet everthing I can jet. The snakes get pulled out only when the jetter is impractical. Most things I'd want a 3/4 machine for I can jet.
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            Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

            I started with the General speed rooter 90 (predecesor to the 91) with the 3/4" cable. Pretty much overkill for the stuff us pumpers see.

            I use a Spartan 300 with the .55 magnum cable most of the time. I've got 100' on the drum and it's got enough power to go through damn near everything, including roots. If you aren't careful you can double over your cable, but go easy and you'll be fine. You can add another drum pretty easy if you need to go past 100'. I use a drop head leader to make it easier to go through baffles in the septic tank.

            It seems to be a pretty sturdy machine and the cable drive is far superior to the speedrooters setup. The difference is the Spartans drive is open so you can hose it out and lube it. The General you have to take apart to clean it.

            The other benefit of not using the 3/4" cable machine is weight savings. Not only the extra weight on the truck but on your back toting the thing around and loading it.

            These are just my experiences and your situation may differ, but unless you are fighting with alot of nasty roots I wouldn't bother with a 3/4'' cable machine.


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              Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

              In Beverly Hills it's not uncommon to find some houses where you will need over 200 feet of cable to get from the house just to the property line connection. Then you would need additional cable just to get to the city lateral.This is where we would push to get an additional cleanout or two installed. All of our trucks ran with 3/4 machines with two 75 foot drums. Additional drums would be dropped off if needed. We ran 3/4 cables through 3" lines all the time.


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                Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

                beverly hills is always fun when there is no local c/o. pools and guest houses can create a big detour.

                my buddy steve use to hire me to camera the trouble lines and spot buried c/o or mark the problem so he could add a c/o.

                jetters are great for long runs as it's easy to run out 250' or more with a good size jetter. plus a jetter can clean a 6'' line from a 2'' opening pretty easy.

                with drums i always ran 3/4'' as we have big roots here and 5/8'' is too risky.

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                  Re: 3/4 or 5/8 in a 4" line

                  Go with the 3/4 more stiff less chance of a flip in the sewer.
                  I only use 5/8 for inside mains or sewers less than 50 with out big trees around.
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