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  • Jetting and ice cream

    the other day i had a call from another plumber friend who owns a haagen daz shop. their 3 floor drains were stopped up and he had attempted to clear it with his spartan 100 drum. the line is 3'' no hub and is 3 years old.

    so he convinced me to drive 40 miles to jet the line for him.

    no problem as it was 97 there in the valley and i had all you can eat ice cream

    i know that inside a mall i couldn't bring a gas jetter so i took my electric 2 h.p 1500# 2.1 gpm jetter with my 1/4'' i.d stainless hose.

    the building facilities manager thought it went to the in ground grease interceptor. i knew it didn't. only the food prep sink should.

    so i jet and pump waste water downstream until i get it cleared.

    the rest is history.

    turns out the mall manager was very impressed and asked me if i was interested in doing the rest of the mall

    sure am, there's hot dog on a stick next


    sad rick

    happy rick

    successful rick
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    Re: Jetting and ice cream

    ooh my favorite ice cream on a snake.


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      Re: Jetting and ice cream

      he did seem to have the biggest smile on his face in the last picture, I wonder how it tasted.
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        Re: Jetting and ice cream
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          Re: Jetting and ice cream

          Why have gloves to keep your hands clean when you grab your food with your dirty gloves? You eating? Looks like you lost some weight. Fivehead is still there though.
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            Re: Jetting and ice cream

            Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
            LMAO and ARRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo

            Dat wass gerrrreate


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              Re: Jetting and ice cream

              You may have mentioned it before, Rick, but where do you get that stainless jetter line? You can tell me, I'll keep it to myself. Jetting's ok, but I'm starving and the wife won't allow items like Haagen Dazs in the house.. Like that massive apple pie from Costco.. With a scoop of ice cream! I've got to get a lock for the chest freezer.. or a spine..


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                Re: Jetting and ice cream

                [QUOTE=richinflorida;238878]You may have mentioned it before, Rick, but where do you get that stainless jetter line? QUOTE]

                A hydraulic hose company makes it up for him.
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                  Re: Jetting and ice cream

                  I had a similar call last week.

                  Had a local genital mans club call me, they had back to back sinks that would back up every 3 weeks. the local franchise company would come and pop it open and leave every 3 weeks. the local franchise company had said it is sludge in the lines and there is nothing that can be done but replace the pipes. Well they called me and I looked at the plumbing and said I could jet it and have it almost back to new conditions ”about 7’ of 2” galvanized pipe”
                  So I jetteted it and it worked so good I was given a life time VIA admittance card.

                  FYI I gave the card to my wife stapled to the invoice.

                  She didn’t approve.
                  I work with S#!t all day and don’t need it at home…
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