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will a jetter scour roof tar and stones?

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  • will a jetter scour roof tar and stones?

    I just opened 6 roof drains with the K-500. I was actually able to open the c/o on one of the lines and look into it. There is about 1/2" to 1" of build up on the walls of the pipe at the bend. Would a jetter be able to scour the tar off?

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    Re: will a jetter scour roof tar and stones?

    debatable; depends on the jetter and nozzle.
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      Re: will a jetter scour roof tar and stones?

      depending on if the tar was hot liquid and stuck.

      i would think you would have better luck with the jet getting under the tar than trying o blast through it.

      the advantage of a root ranger is that it focuses all the power to a single jet and has a 0 degree impact blasting in a 25 degree pattern. if anything can get under it this will. i know the nozzle is identical to what use for a forward cleaning nozzle and it will cut a 2x4 in half in seconds.

      the rocks should blast off and expose the tar. a cold over pour will be easier than a hot pour that's bonded.

      the nozzle can be removed from the front head and used as a straight forward nozzle. a pressure washer wand is the safe way to do it.

      or a heavy hydraulic hose with a stiffener to keep it from turning back.

      i guess trying to take it apart is not feasible

      phoebe it is