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Is it just me or ?

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  • Is it just me or ?

    Is it feast or Faminine for everyone else out there ?
    Last month was my busiest/biggest $$ dollor month since ive been cleaning drains, then July hits and I havent worked for three days, what gives ?

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    Re: Is it just me or ?

    same thing here. a few weeks back i had my 2nd best $$ week followed by my 2 worst. right now it's relatively steady but i'm about 20% - 25% off from last year.

    In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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      Re: Is it just me or ?

      It has been up and down for us as well. Couple weeks ago had a great week, then it slowed right on down. Just keeping semi-busy enough.
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        Re: Is it just me or ?

        Had a crummy June here. July so far has been great "knock on wood"

        Over all yearly sales are up. I just need more volume of calls to start profiting and buying a new camera. I seem to just pay bills and stay open.
        Average ticket is about $225.00.
        Sucks when you do three and then nothing all week. I'm used to working in the Boston area I would do 8-11 calls per day. not 10-17 per month. But Population in my area is small. Compared to the 2+ million I served in Boston
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          Re: Is it just me or ?

          The same thing happened to me last year. The entire month of July, not one call. August came and I was turning people away because I was so busy. It's for this very reason I decided to stay in the military until I can retire. If this was my only source of income, I would've gone crazy.

          I just moved to CA and I'm trying to get my foot in the door but it's hard. I just can't be in a rush to do everything at once.
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