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  • K-1500a

    What is the difference between the K-1500 and the K1500A? It appears to be the frame design...didn't know if there was more to it than that.

    I've never used the Ridgid 1 1/4" machines but have been using an Electric Eel since I started nearly 20 years ago. If there is anyone who has used both machines I'd like to hear some comparisons.

    I like being able to run multiple sections with the Eel on an outside c/o or even in a basement(it's nice to be able to pull out 100' at once if you have the room to do so). Don't know if I'd try to run more than two cables at a time with a 1500 though.

    The reason I'm asking is I have an opportunity to buy a used 1500A for a good price. Just don't know if I'll like it after using the Eel for so long.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Re: K-1500a

    Same motor on different frames

    We have both units. The "B" design is the older machine but for some reason all the guys like to use it over the 1500A.

    I like the upright "A" version much better. Easier to handle on stairs and in the back of the truck. Not so good if you do any crawlspace rodding.


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      Re: K-1500a

      i have the b frame design. i also have a general model 82/ 88 similar to the eel machine.

      truthfully all have been replaced by the timberwolf drill.

      nothing wrong with the 1500, except with the timberwolf, i have a drill and cable. no machine to take up room in my truck. ultra portable and as strong as a machine you could handle.

      look up timberwolf under the search and you should find lots of info on our drain cleaner.

      welcome to the forum

      phoebe it is