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  • Roots

    what is everyones experience on how fast roots will grow back into a line after being cut out with a jetter, I know tree type probably has some to do with it but what is a good average time that a homeowner should have the drain re jetted to remove the roots again ?

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    Re: Roots

    It depends on how frequently they have been cut or jetted in the past. The more they are jetted or snaked the faster they will come back.


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      Re: Roots

      growing season is spring and fall.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Roots

        I have found that the difference between roots regrowing from a jet clean or an eel is the fact that the Root Ranger will blast the soil out from between the pipe joints making root repropergation slower. Many clients call us and ask for the jet as they have had the eel in the past, with 12 months between blockages and the jet gives them up to 18 months.

        Otherwise 12 months, active sewer use is normal for root regrowth. If the property is vacant for at least 2 weeks, the roots are missing out on their food supply so they concentrate on the drain and grow mach faster causing an early blockage. (Common with rental properties.)

        Roots don't like to be flooded underwater, they like a constant flow typical of a house sewer drain. The watervapour and condensation buildup in the pipe add the the perfect root growing environment.

        If you really want to kill a tree root, do what we do as a last result, cook them! We connect the boiler up to the jetter downstream of the pump and cauterise the roots. This knurls the ends of the roots over and in most cases permanently prevents tree root regrowth. Problem is, the customer never needs you again. We have been monitoring several properties that would block annually, one treatment and still no signs of roots 7 years later! No good for business so we stopped using it unless essential.

        If you are going to try it there are a few things you have to do including getting the water to a 'super-heated' level under pressure, a pressure and temperature your normal hose won't handle not to mention the OH&S requirements!
        Regards, Bill

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