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  • Root Ranger jets scale

    I've got some vids, and will post them when I get time. Got called into one this eve by another drain cleaner. Laundromat main line, recurring problem. Snaked via pulled toilet (no cleanout over 2"), something felt wrong, slowed down and figured out we were coming up in the back to back toilet in the next door unit. Pulled water out until we could camera and watch the cable the right way thru the junction, hit something hard at ~25', popped it, camera out thrugh many bends... pretty massive scale buildup. Jet with wathog, loosen up piece of quarry tile scale-creted to bottom of line and push it out.

    Make ~5 passes with warthog to little effect. Just got my root ranger so figured we'd try it out to see. It was laborious (jet a while, camera and see what still needs attention, jet some more, repeat) but it dramatically improved that line, and with a couple more hours would have got the last bits we left. We wrapped it where we were as it was sooo much better than it had been, and we were beat, and felt we'd got to where it'd last.

    Awesome nozzle. More difficult to get around bends, and even more difficult to get back, and has to be oriented just so, but awesome power.
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    Re: Root Ranger jets scale

    i'll let adam post some rootranger facts from todays 180' 6'' clay line packed with roots.

    adam monitored the progress of the rootranger nozzle with the seesnake. while i manned the jetter.

    adam, finish the story

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Root Ranger jets scale

      Did you ask Adam before you put him on the spot?
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        Re: Root Ranger jets scale

        It's O/K this time Ben.He can't help it,it's the Tourretts.
        This is Alex's thread I'll comment on another.

        Looking forward to your videos Alex.

        And for the record,the root ranger is an awesome machine.

        I just noticed Alex,this was your 1000'th post,dead on the money.Congratulations.
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