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K-1500 no match for this drum

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  • K-1500 no match for this drum

    Was at a local county fair on Thursday and came across this booth. Never seen a drum machine anywhere this big. Thought I would share...

    Havent heard of the company...
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    Re: K-1500 no match for this drum

    seen it before on ebay.

    gas powerd.

    obrien is the originator of the jetter root saw.


    p.s. the small machine in the background is a ridgid 3800
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    phoebe it is


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      Re: K-1500 no match for this drum

      I know the guy that has the booth this is set up at. He got into the business of sewer cleaning about a year ago when he bought an old jet truck at a city auction. The jet truck lasted about a year before he found it cost to much to drive it around at 4 miles to a gallon so he went out and bought this. He has a contract with a save-a-lot grocery chain and does their parking lot drains with this machine.
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        Re: K-1500 no match for this drum

        This summer I was down in new buffalo Mi. on a sunday. I saw a machine like this parked a long the road so I stopped to take a look. The cable was down a 6 inch clean out . The c/o was full and running in a ditch. The machine looked stuck to me.