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Instruct her over the phone LOL no way.

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    Re: Instruct her over the phone LOL no way.

    Originally posted by haycad View Post
    my biggest account a property management company hired a handy man "general contractor" about 6 months ago. i use to do about $2000 a month with them and now because of this hack i do about $500 a month. any way the calls i get now are ones that hes messed with for a while and cant figure out then they call me at 4:30 in the afternoon and now there an emergency because he's tinkered with it so much they cant have the water on. you know tough ones like replacing hosebibbs. any way he called me a few weeks ago telling me he charges them $40 an hour and hes so busy he doesnt know what to do with himself. as he proceeded to tell me how i should go about replacing a hosebibb that he couldnt figure out I wanted to reach through the phone and choke him. any way he called me twice today after 530 on a saturday and left me messages saying he couldnt figure out this shower valve and wanted me to talk him through it. I chose not to call him back a 1/2 hour later the owner of the company calls me and i answer and she hands the phone to him. I tell him the best i can do is get out there monday and he gets kinda pissy with me. I honestly hate this guy he's completely blind to the fact that he is taking food out of my kids mouths. and then he has the nerve to call me on the week end and thinks i should just bail him out sometimes im half tempted to go off on the property mangement company but i know that would not be good for my business. i dont know what to do though. sorry bout the rant
    Sounds like this guy is taking their money. welll actualy he is.
    I would walk him through tight spots. If he paid me my full hourly rate. Hell I am a nice guy I would even wave the service call since I am just talking to him over the phone.

    The last Apt I had. had this kind of maint team. They were complete idiots.
    I ended up doing all the repairs my self. You know back in the day the maintenance guy was a over all "bad MF" . He could do alot of stuff correctly. Now the maintenance guy ( In most Cases) Is a worthless piece of crap.