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    O/K you masters of drain cleaning.

    As most of you know I've spent the last year in service and drain clearing and have had a pretty easy go of it thanks to so many of you here.

    I punched through what looks like the backside of an eighth bend today.

    I don't know what the name is of the material that settles/accumulates inside of 2" cast iron serving laundry & kitchen.It is hard and black,like pencil lead.On pipe I've cut out I actually have to use a screwdriver to dislodge.
    The reason I'm asking is dang near all my calls are for lines that other drain cleaners just run the smallest head that will go through the opening in the deposits,sometimes it's smaller than a nickel.I've had good luck on the last two drains of this nature with the K-60,7/8" and a modified 4-blade I'm currently stoked with.
    Unfortunately today I blasted out the back of a 45 year old fitting under a slab.
    I started my first few drains clogged with this stuff on the 5/8" it was too slow,I was going to break a cable if I was more agressive.

    How do you Guys get this stuff Gone.Or don't you?


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    Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

    I know you don't want to hear this but I use my little mini jetter, it cleans the soap scum and rust off very well and makes the line flow again. Again my jetter for small lines is a simple set up. I have a little hand carried 2000 pw with a nice guality pump on it giving 2 GPM that coupled with regular PW hose to set it outside then I go in with a little hand held reel with 3/16 hose 75 ft and a multi ball drop head that bangs on the rust and takes turns. This whole set up was really cheap just had to find the right PW on craigslist. But I like you will run my k-60 first to see if it will achieve desired results both big and small cable and I use a bent cable (small) to try and give the best wall clean. But if the pipe is thin it's just going to break nothing you can do.
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      Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

      it was to slow??? is it still to slow? not sayin nutin just askin just askin. breid.........


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        Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

        Jim,this is exactly what I'm talking about.With the 5/8"I was going3" every ten minutes with 40' to go.I was hoping the 7/8" would would be more forgiving.Sad.
        I know what you mean by "Spinning and Popping" as the head catches.

        I've just never heard anyone yet discuss the time needed to get this stuff cleared to full bore,or close.Makes me think most quit bothering since the homeowners would most likely lose patience($) after a couple hours and just say "That's good enough."

        What is the common term used for this "Black Cast Cancer"


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          Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

          I've always called it 'pipe rot', but I like the term 'cast iron cancer' better as it is just like a growth.
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            Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

            Originally posted by drtyhands View Post
            What is the common term used for this "Black Cast Cancer"

            I call it "Black Gold"
            I use jetters to remove the stuff. A spinning nozzle to scour the pipe walls, then a flush nozzle to pull all the scale out. The built in heater on my jetter really helps remove the "Black Gold" turn it up to about 180 degrees.


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              Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

              Originally posted by cajun plumber View Post
              I call it "Black Gold"
              I use jetters to remove the stuff. A spinning nozzle to scour the pipe walls, then a flush nozzle to pull all the scale out. The built in heater on my jetter really helps remove the "Black Gold" turn it up to about 180 degrees.
              It's not grease.
              It's rock hard.
              That make a difference?

              Although 180 is pretty dang hot.


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                Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                Drilled through the back of a few fittings myself. Most were above ground though. Fill the sink up 4 times and customer says it never drained that well

                2 hours later I'm called back to vacuum up the 40 gallons of water in the basement

                Most were rotten from years of Draino being applied and not being rinsed out. The black scale in cast iron is a risk/reward scenario. You want to remove as much as possible without damage to cable or piping. No one wants you to spend 3 hours snaking a kitchen drain either.

                If I can't get my 5/8" cable in there with a 4 blade cutter no way am I going to stuff a 7/8" cable in there. On galvanized, sometimes all I can get is a wormhead through the 2".


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                  Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                  that's why plastic is a so much better product for kitchens and laundry drains.

                  the customer typically just wants a running/ draining sink. not a brand new line.

                  working from inside through a 1.5'' trap arm, i typically run the 5/8 with either the bulb auger or the 4 blade cutter. if these make it, i'm happy and the line is draining fine. the customer is back up and running and good to go.

                  outside 2'' c/o i will use 7/8'' with either my 4 blade or my reverse 7/8'' auger.

                  remember that the 7/8'' with a cutter, female coupling, male coupling, and cable, is not as flexible in a tight 2'' 90 as you think.

                  the reverse 7/8'' auger has a good 13' of pure cable with open hook doing the cutting before you have to worry about a couple of couplings.

                  phoebe it is


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                    Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                    I use my drum machine (K-3800) on lines like that with 13/32 cable and a C shaped cutter. The torque a drum machine provides gets through it pretty quick. If I am not satisfied how its draining after cabling the line then I pull out my electric jetter and make a few passes.

                    See here is the thing I was raised in the drain cleaning business. My father did this for well over 50 years. I am not pro drum and anti sectional or vice versa. I am pro -having the right machine on the truck for the job. Here is a list of what is on the truck.
                    • Spartan 1065 with 100' 3/4" cable in drum with a spare 50'
                    • Ridgid 1500 with 200' of cable
                    • Ridgid K-50 with 5/8" cables
                    • Ridgid K-3800 or a Spartan 100 with two drums one with 1/2" cables other with 13/32" cables
                    • pistol rod with 1/4" cable
                    • K-50 with the drum holding 3/8" cable
                    • K-6 toilet bowl auger
                    • An old Chicago Specialty toilet bowl auger
                    • a viking 1200 jetter 1200psi @1.1gpm
                    • Kinetic water ram
                    • Ro-Pump Super
                    • 4" and 6" sludge bags (canvas bags and I use a duel check between the hose bib and hose)
                    • Almost forgot My SeeSnake 200" of push rod Black and white unit
                    Now depending on what I come across is what machine I decide to use. I also have other machines in the shop for the stuff that the equipment on my truck can not tackle or just doesn't do a good enough a job.
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                      Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                      In My Van I carry:
                      24hp jetter and tank
                      1065 Spartan
                      Ridgid K-60 w 165 c-10 75' c-8
                      Ridgid K39-AF with 25' 35' and 50' cables
                      General Kinetic water ram (just in case)
                      Seesnake 300' fullsize
                      And small tools.

                      In My plumbing truck
                      I carry
                      Ridgid K-60 w sames cables as above
                      Ridgid K-39 AF
                      My small gas 2GPM jetter
                      Seesnake 200ft mini
                      And a lot of plumbing tools
                      This is my main rig and I can be on jobs
                      And Usually go handle almost all drain calls that come my way
                      The Van is for bad jobs or my Journeyman whatever is needed.
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                        Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                        In a line that i have cleaned before i use my 5/8 cable with a 1 1/2" c cutter
                        if there is no c o i go down the vent
                        On a first time drain i still try the 1 1/2" c cutter or a 1 1/4 spear head
                        To me i find that older hub pipe will have a big build up at each joint
                        ,I go 5 or 10 ft grind 5or 10 ft grind more ,The first good cleaning takes a while,,but when your done they have a clean pipe
                        If there is a 2" out side c o i will go through with my 3/4 cable with a spear ground down to 1 1/2" to speed things up
                        Once its cut out the next time is easy


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                          Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                          Lets see

                          224 feet of electric eel 1 1/4 all fittings including new expandables
                          DuraCable DM-55 with 250 3/4 feet 1 100 foot reel 2nd 150 foot
                          Gorlitz GO-62 with 75 feet of 5/8
                          Duracable J-max with 90 feet of 1/2
                          1 super vee with 35 feet of 3/8
                          2nd super Vee with 35 feet of 1/4
                          Old Duracable VK aka Viking 1 reel 3/8x 50 feet 2nd reel 1/4x50 feet
                          General drop head toilet auger
                          General regular buld head auger
                          Gerneral urinal auger
                          Ridgid K-6 auger
                          General kenitic water ram
                          Water cannon 20 amp 2.2 GPM 1500 psi electric water jetter 1/8 x 50 jet hose
                          1/4 x 150 feet jet hose works good finding 20 amps a pain in thr azz
                          Got two adaptors for it they plug into 220 like stoves and dryers
                          2 canvas flush bags 4 inch and 6 inch
                          SEC 100 foot color camera junk but works
                          case of RootX
                          Self priming pump
                          sump pump
                          General Hot shot
                          hand tools
                          GPS where was this 10 years ago
                          2 wheel dolly
                          a zip it
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                            Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                            So I got lucky.
                            Draino anyone?
                            Pipe was flat so over the years draino was the remedy.
                            Still need to figure out a way to get under the kitchen.
                            Anyone know about 2" liners?
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                              Re: Kitchen & Laundry Lines

                              Hydro bore? That pipe was in bad shape and nothing but replacement was the only option.
                              Buy cheap, buy twice.