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16 hp jetters

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    Re: 16 hp jetters

    Originally posted by MrsSeatDown View Post
    Your spelling is also suspect. I am Rick's memory. The scary part is he can ask me when he was on a job and I can tell him the exact date.
    Please refrain from teasing Ben. I would think you more than most on this site would be more sensitive to these problems.

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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      Re: 16 hp jetters

      Rick & Joey I miss you guys. Mark and Ben you guys are great. You all have way to much fun. I was having a bad day until I read this thread. One customer who had all his stuff stolen, another who went bankrupt and is closing his doors and another who lost a finger and can't work for several months. I feel bad for the guys and was really down about it. I was thinking I was going to learn something about jetting................ buuuuuuut.................. no I had a great laugh. Thank you! This thread made my day.


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        Re: 16 hp jetters

        Originally posted by gear junkie View Post

        BTW, why is everyone so sensitive today? Soap opera on PZ, can't poke fun at Rick here. What's the world coming to?
        Is this better

        Or how bout this one?

        WOW ...I got so many of em in my folder, I could just make a new topic.....rotflmao

        BTW.... Hi Ricky
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