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using 2 k-60's at once

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    Re: using 2 k-60's at once

    Originally posted by HVAC HAWK View Post
    does this void the warranty
    yes and possibly shorten your life

    i think the potential for injury is much greater as your increased torque on a single cable, the added risk of trying to operate 2 machines at once.

    if the cable were to break, the energy stored up in the sudden release of its torque could do some serious damage to anyone in its path.

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      Re: using 2 k-60's at once

      I use my K-1000 now for the longer runs I have an adapter to adapt from the standard steal rod ends to the 1 1/14" cable ends. It does really well. The most I spun so far with it is 600' I like the fact I am behind the machine during any built up torque, only had one calbe break on me but it was due to acid damage.
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        Re: using 2 k-60's at once

        Originally posted by drtyhands View Post
        Oh crap!!
        I just got what the experienced drain cleaners were warning about earlier in this thread.
        When that torque gets outside the pipe and snaps that short length so fast your arm's gonna get pretzled with the cable.
        Use the IC cable outside the C/O and this won't happen as easily.
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          Re: using 2 k-60's at once

          If anyone has some crazy thoughts of doing this you want to sleeve the cable between the 2 machines with a section of steel pipe


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            Re: using 2 k-60's at once

            Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
            I've done the same with 2 K-1500's also to get unstuck. Long run with heavy roots at the end. Stupid mechanic had a retriever head on the end even after he knew it was roots. Got bound up but the old machine just couldn't break it loose. The second machine in tandom broke it loose in 5 minutes. I don't recommend anyone try this for obvious reasons.

            Were you using the electric eel cable ?


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              Re: using 2 k-60's at once

              no, the regular open wound 1-1/4"