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k-60 used or new?

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  • k-60 used or new?

    Found local craigslist offer- k60-used 3 times paid 1680 last year-105 ft 7/8 cable price 900 firm. How long is the factory cable good for before it needs replacement and how can a visual inspection determine if cable needs to be replaced? Where is the best price on a new unit? Thanks-k 60 it is but which-new-used? Motown

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    Re: k-60 used or new?

    I bought one from ToolUp last week

    Unless you had a new and used cable side by side it would be difficult to the untrained eye to see the difference.

    $900 not bad if it comes with all the trimmings


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      Re: k-60 used or new?

      im from Warren michigan and i have seen that ad on craigslist. It seems like a good deal to me.

      Maybe i should by it and make a k-120!!


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        Re: k-60 used or new?

        Look at the cable and see if there are any flat spots. Uncoil every sections to look for kinks. The k60 itself is pretty sturdy. Just make sure everything feels smooth with no corrosion.
        Buy cheap, buy twice.


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          Re: k-60 used or new?

          bought my first k-60 used and other than a couple of bearings, it's still in service.

          the cable is pretty easy to inspect as ben has mentioned.

          also remove the 2 allen bolts to access the clutch assembly and look for wear, rust and gunk.

          the main bearings front and rear should spin with no play or hard spots.

          if it truly has only been used a few times, heck the grease hasn't even dripped yet.

          $900. is a very, very good deal.

          welcome to the k-60 club

          phoebe it is


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            Re: k-60 used or new?

            I got mine with the full package used for $881.00 shipped to my door off E-Bay.

            I been screwed a couple times but this one sure made up for them.

            This machine has already paid for itself in six months.


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              Re: k-60 used or new?

              saw one here in indiana. asking $1200.00 i low balled him $500.00 he countered $800.00. 5 is my top. if i'm high bidder and he needs the money, well i'll be gaining on rick. you sound like you already have one. bid low more will come along. if your going to adopt someone, make it someone you like. breid.............