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  • craigs list 750

    if anyone is looking... i'm not the seller, just putting the word out
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    Re: craigs list 750

    That's a good deal. Priced to sell as well.
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      Re: craigs list 750

      that is a good deal. If I was close to there I would snatch it . If some one was bust they could make their money back in a few short weeks


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        Re: craigs list 750

        i'll be in denver this afternoon

        a k-60 is carry on luggage or can be checked as it's under 50#.

        a 750 will cost more than my ticket to put on the plane

        talk about travel with tools.

        i packed my 2 -microdrains, dvdpack, microexplorer, scout locator, additional sony dvd unit, navitrack transmitter, seesnake power supply just in case laptop, clothing , candy and clean underware

        all into 2 checked bags and 1 carry on

        lets just hope it makes it home in 1 piece

        alex i have 3 hours to blow in denver tonight. wanna catch dinner

        phoebe it is