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Warthog question?

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    Re: Warthog question?

    Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
    will a warthog work on a small jetter ? 2500 psi 3 gal per minutes 1/4" line ??
    If so ,who sells it , please ?
    Sorry Tool.
    I don't think I can even run it at 3000@4GPM.


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      Re: Warthog question?

      I have a small cart jetter that is "rated" @ 3,000 psi and puts out 5 gallons a minute ( I have verified gpm several times with the Warthog nozzle attached in a piece of pipe and put into an actual five gallon pail).
      The Warthog works great! When I first purchased the nozzle from Stone Age the sales rep stated that the rating for gpm's were at the lowest end of the scale and the nozzle may not rotate and also have little pulling force.
      The nozzle rotates fine and I jet six inch clay lines on a regular basis with great results removing both heavy grease blockages and fibrous roots.
      The nozzle pulls 100 feet of 3/8" thermoplastic hose no problem.
      To date it is the best nozzle I have used on this jetter. I am going to purchase a RR at the next Expo after reading everyone rave about it.


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        Re: Warthog question?

        One more late congrats! I hope you had a good one!
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          Buy cheap, buy twice.


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            Re: Warthog question?

            Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
            Would you mind telling us the brand name?
            Sorry, I did not want to give free advertising.
            I have an older (5 plus years) O'Brien MFG. J-2413 cart jetter without electric start.
            Since my purchase O'Brien has changed the design of the cart to a cut down version.
            Also O'Brien has been acquired by Hi-Vac.
            It is a very portable machine. The vast majority of my work is inner city and a trailer jetter is not always an ideal setup.