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Finally beat my white whale

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  • Finally beat my white whale

    I have had this one drain at a local bar I could never beat for the last 5 years.
    It was a double floor drain in a womens and mens restrooms side by side. Had been told it backed up sometimes and a foul stench was always present in both bathrooms. I snaked it with every snake I own ( and I have a lot) I jetted it! I tried to camera it but never could. Plumbing was around the 1950's era. So I figured it had a broken 1 1/2" iron line that needed the concrete floor jack hammered up, but the owners would never go for it just kept adding lots and lots of deoderizers. Well they finally asked me to bust it out and fix it. Long story short we found an abandoned 2" line in the ground and then we found the exiting line next to it, followed it along and it 90ed up the wall! Yep tthe guy in the 50's tied the drains into the vent so it never ever was a drain and just left the real drain line hooked to the stack to give off the bad smell. Then it got worse! The main cold supply to feed the bar ran in the same spot and had been split for years! Made a cavern out of the ground and when it rained the ground water plus the amount leaking from the pipe would raise up and come out around the sides of the floor drains making it seem like they where backed up! Well now there is a new water line above ground and the new drains are great! Smell is gone too! Just goes to show expect the unexpected at plumbing! 60 years they put up with the smell.
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    Re: Finally beat my white whale

    even a cell phone photo is better than nothing

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Finally beat my white whale

      Congrats on a job well done.
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