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  • jetters which one

    Im thinking of buying some jetting equiptment what do you recommend for light commercial and residential

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    Re: jetters which one

    What is the avrage pipe size and leanth of the lines you will be jetting? Also are you looking for a cart jetter or do you want a trailer?

    If you are looking for a trailer US Jetting makes real good jetters, the 300 gallon Series would be a good starting unit.

    Now as far as cart units I would look to General Pipe Cleaners (sorry Ridgid) I own a J-3000 and I have been very happy with its performance.
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      Re: jetters which one

      Its cold in Canada A. If you get a trailer make sure its an enclosed. I would not let anyone use are bigger unit without a little training. Anti- freeze systems are a pain. A 8 GPM with 3500 psi would made a nice unit. Water Cannon has alot of good deals. Call them and tell them what you want and they will walk you though it. Beware of 4000.00 dollar pressure washers. You can go to Home Depot and get a washer, order some 3/8 pressure washer hose and a nozzle and get going for $1200.00. There are alot of home made jetter around this neck of the woods. I would love a US Jetting machine, but you can get a used jetter truck from a city for half the money.
      There are a lot diiferent setup depending on what you want to do. The bigger the machine, the bigger the mess you can make, and the bigger the bill.