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    I just purchased a brand new 1 hp model c electric eel. I have used it a couple times. The clutch is factory set, but i was wondering if i should adjust it to make it tighter for those heavy root stoppages?

    If so how do you properly adjust it?

    Any tips or trick on the model c machine it self?

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    Re: Electric eel
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Electric eel

      One important thing is do not handle the cable while it is spinning. The factory setting works great, if I recall its set at 90 Foot Pounds. I would read the manual on it.

      We have a 35 year old model that works great. If you need to rod through a floor drain , they make a cable guide to help get the cable started through the P-trap. All it is, is a metal stick with a notched metal on the end you hold it on the the cable against the trap, then with the remote switch you run the machine and the cable will screw itself down the drain and make the turns in the trap.
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        Re: Electric eel

        the factory setting is 100 inch pounds for 1.25'' cable and 50 inch pounds for 7/8'' cable.

        if you're slipping the clutch, you're getting to aggressive with the cutter. the machine is pretty much self feeding as the open coils will thread their way into the drain.

        i doubt that you'll have to adjust the clutch as you'll risk the cable and your safety.

        phoebe it is