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4" blow bag for main line soft blockages

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    Re: 4" blow bag for main line soft blockages

    I'm on call 24 hours all week every week. I get every other weekend off though <.<

    I'm hoping we start getting more consistent really busy days so I can add another service truck full time. And by hoping I mean talking to realtors/property managers and trying to make things even busier. I'm tired but my boss thinks it's great.

    Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post
    Back in the day, we'd sometimes do 10 -15 jobs a day, not single drain jobs either. 2 or 3 or more on one job. Then throw in a couple dig ups or re-pipes during the week and you were whooped, I mean aching. We worked long and hard. 12 day schedule with every 3rd night on call 24 hr. Pretty horrendous actually. Thankfully I was younger and could take it but barely. Boy did I feel sorry for some the guys that came from new construction. They often had no clue about the service business. Some of em couldn't even make it 6 months. Bottom line was there's no way a guy could do that for kind of schedule for 20-30 years without completely wrecking his body IMO.
    Originally posted by NHMaster3015
    No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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      Re: 4&quot; blow bag for main line soft blockages

      but it's always more work to have to come back...

      I shove a warthog through a line, if it backs up again anytime soon there is either something wrong with it or something got flushed that shouldn't have been.

      I get a line open with a blow bag and get a call-back, I'm never going to be sure it wasn't from something I missed on the first trip.
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