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Jetter hose question ?

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  • Jetter hose question ?

    Getting ready to replace the hose on my jetter and was wondering what everyones thoughts are on the steel braided hose vs the lighter Hoses like Piranha ?
    Ive been using the steel braided 3/8 inch and have liked it other than it is heavy and kinks easily.
    will be using on a 3800 psi 8.5 gpm jetter used primarily in 4'' with warthog nozzle.
    Thanks for any info..opinions etc....

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    Re: Jetter hose question ?

    I like the hose without the steel. It seems to coil better. Parker makes some nice hose too. The Piranha is ok on a hose reel. See if they will sent you some samples. Parker mailed me some samples before I bought before.


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      Re: Jetter hose question ?

      I also like the parker but I have tried a few cheap hoses as well and they lasted pretty long, and they all score (break) near the end so no use buying names like Piranha fore more money.
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