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feast or famine

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  • feast or famine

    Has anyone noticed or tried to figure out if there is a slow time of the year for us drain cleaners ?? for me it seems oct - November are slower than other months ?

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    Re: feast or famine

    i will have to say that every business has a slow time. is it the pits? YES! you save for the slow times that way you can have the money to pay your bills.

    i think of it a lot like farming. when you are reaping the benifits of your crop everything seams rosey (not the dog). then when the hard winter sets in, if spent your money foolishly, then you will really hurt till the next harvest..... so i even it out even if i seam to have more then i need. i always use the same spending pattern.
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      Re: feast or famine

      Many years ago one of my plumbers had a friend who owned a spa business. He needed help one day setting a spa so I offered to go help them. This guy was swimming in money and had all of the toys. I couldn't figure out how he was able to do it with what I considered a seasonal business so I asked him. He told me with much joy that you need to know how to store your acorns. Later that year, in the middle of the winter, he came to me when his acorns ran out and asked for a job. He worked for me for many years than left to go help a woman who ended up with her husband's plumbing business after a divorce (yes it happens). He turned a slow 3-truck shop into busy 8-trucks and now has even more toys and bigger acorns.

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