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Pressure washer verses Pulsation Valve

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  • Pressure washer verses Pulsation Valve

    If I understand this right, the pulsation valve in a jetter helps to negiotiate bends? If this is the only difference to a pressure washer, could 'nt you just use the foot valve to pulse around bends and use a regular pressure washer?
    I have made my own unit, I purchased the ridgid foot valve and threw a stainless head on a 50 feet 3/8/ hose. (20 dollar stainless head one forward 3 rear )It works O.K. but would not cut a blade of grass not alone roots. Has anybody used the root ranger 3000 from ridgid on a home made unit and would it cut roots? The root ranger in other threads I have come across I think is something from Australia?
    I had a job the otherday on a septic where they have never had the inlet tee cleaned for 23 years, because it was buried, after exposing the tee the 4"pvc line was blocked solid. Im I right in thinking that the rootranger wouldnt touch this blockage and the warthog would be a better option for clearing a grease blockage because it has a forward hole?

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    Re: Pressure washer verses Pulsation Valve

    You can buy pulse valves/ jetter valves like these for a pressure washer.

    You can also find the root ranger with a forward jet.

    What are you talking about for spec's for your "homemade" unit?
    Like pressure and gpm?
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      Re: Pressure washer verses Pulsation Valve

      the foot valve is what i use 90% of the time. i use the pulse valve primarly when i need to get further down the line or retrieve a tight hose.

      like gene said, what's the psi and gpm.

      a root ranger is better for small machines. a warthog cost more and needs more gpm. i use both and both have their advantages.

      phoebe it is