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Draino down the drain,

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  • Draino down the drain,

    Customer has used draino on the drain of his powder room lav, the drain piping is CI and Galv. Get the call yesterday that his sink drain is plugged.
    So I snake it from the roof, no go. Take the trap apart and snake, no go.
    Go into the crawl space and cut the drain apart and it is like concrete inside the pipe. My question is does any machine have a better chance of getting through it and havng water flow without replacing the pipes?

    By the way it is a 2" lav drain and I cut out the problem section of piping and installed a clean out in the piping.

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    Re: Draino down the drain,

    I have always had good luck with my Spartan 100, which Ridgid makes a drum machine like it called the 3800. I use a 13/32 cable with a C cutter. The K-50 with the 5/8 cable and the four sided spear head works well too.
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      Re: Draino down the drain,

      i've had good luck with my K-50 with the serated 4 blade, also.

      In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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        Re: Draino down the drain,

        was that crystal draino or liquid

        sounds like the crystal stuff

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Draino down the drain,

          Beats me what he used. When I showed him my cable and how shiny and dented it was he got real paniky. That is when he told me he had used the stuff.


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            Re: Draino down the drain,

            I hate it when people use that garbage. I always have them open up as many windows in the area I'm working in and I always point out how on the bottle it says "guaranteed to unclog!"

            People just don't realize how dangerous the stuff is and how ineffective it actually is.

            I will admit to using it before I got into drain cleaning and the same thing happened to the drain I tried it on. It didn't drain very fast. Took a few hours for it to drain down and later on when I took apart the trap it was this nasty white solid stuff. I don't remember what kind it was.