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    So by now most of you probably know I grew up in the family company. One thing that I never appreciated was that my dad had to work in the middle of the night, weekends and holidays. I kind of resented that he could not be there for years during times when we had all the family around. I remember going to a job with him on my eighth birthday just so we could spend time together.

    I now understand that he hated it and wanted to be home with his family. It takes a real man to go to work during times he rather be there for his family. It takes a real man to do what is right for his family so they can live a good life. To do the jobs that few want to do risking injury to get the job done so the bills get paid and his family eats. For all you that can stay at home with your families or refuse to work today GOOD FOR YOU but those who answer the call you have my respect.

    So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for my dad doing the service calls and my mother who ran the office. They put in time and hours when few others want to work. So all of you that work on holidays I have great respect for you. Trying to better the lives of yourselves and your family's.

    Have a great Thanksgiving my friends!

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    Re: Fathers & Husbands & Holidays

    I understand Dan. I remember many Friday afternoons that we were going to leave for the weekend and the phone would ring, usually just as we were walking out the door. Dad would have to go pump a septic tank. You knew it would be about 2 hours until he got back. It really sucked.

    My busiest week of the year is 4th of July week. My daughters birthday is the 3rd. It's always a mad rush to get my work done so I can spend some time with her. Never enough though.


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      Re: Fathers & Husbands & Holidays

      i've pretty much had jobs that didn't give a rats a$$ about holidays, nights, weekends, etc. so the weekend is just another 2 days of the week. actually i've ony had 1 monday - friday 9 to 5 gig in my life.

      the service industry, no matter the job, pretty much knows no "set" hours

      In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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        Re: Fathers & Husbands & Holidays

        Well put and well said. It's amazing that once you grow up, and you start to change your life role from "son" to "father", how your perspective changes, and how you begin to appreciate things that were done. Things that maybe you didn't understand at the time, or maybe even resented, or things that you possibly didn't even know was going on behind the scenes.

        I've heard and seen the saying before, "Grandchildren are a life's accomplishment." Perhaps, that's also because the children (the grandchildren's parents - ie, us), start to understand things better, and see things through the grandparents' eyes.