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    Re: Disposal unclog

    Originally posted by NorthernIllinoisPlumber View Post
    So when they flip the switch the 3rd time, and the trap gives out (because of the pressure from repeated flips) and the mess and maybe drano goes all over the hardwood floor staining it, they will call you. Or the slop shoots up, spraying in a kids face or adult, blinding them. They will call you, and SUE you because you showed them an unprofessional "trick."

    As nice a guy as I want to be, I will never, ever show someone a shortcut that could possibly have bad results.

    The only kind of plumber people want is an honest one.
    You are reaching. Desperately trying to find anything to say this is bad advice.
    It works SOMETIMES, and MAYBE -will- blow the traps apart.
    It works for me, and I have not only never had a callback on it, but never even came remotely close to blowing traps apart. If it is properly vented, chances are this trick won't work anyways, as the vent will allow water to rise, and then not only will it not clear the drain, but there is not anymore pressure, than normal operation.

    Don't believe me? Then don't stop up the one side with the stopper and tell me what happens?

    Truth is, in a proper plumbing system this will NEVER work, unless it is one of two things,
    An island sink with a loop/studor vent
    The vent is clogged up as well.

    This is good natured advice, I appreciate people that pointed out things that -could- go wrong

    If you still want to post about how I am a hack, or suck, or whatever, feel free. But I am doing something with no ill intent. Sometimes I won't even charge, unless my numbers are low. Or the customer was a mean person or something.

    Edited in-
    And as for your honesty statement, I am completely upfront with my customers. So you can take that and shove it. That is completely offtopic calling me a liar, or a cheat or whatever you were getting at
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      Re: Disposal unclog

      That trick's been discussed here before. But thanks for posting it. I understand and applaud your intent to save the ho a few bucks if you can. I do that also where I feel comfortable with it.

      But this technique is not one I'm comfortable with because I've been called out to do a professional job that will last. And when it clogs up a few days later I've got egg on my face and a second trip and a dilemma on what to charge. They paid me something for the first trip. If I charge anything for the second it will feel like double billing or not guaranteeing my work. But, sure, I'd have charged more if I just did the job thoroughly the first time, so I can charge the cost difference; still got egg on my face, and two trips in it and only $ for one, and room for someone to misunderstand and feel burned on the bill.

      And that's not the worst possible case; I fully agree showing someone who doesn't understand the possibilities a trick where they can wreck stuff or hurt themselves is not often a good idea.

      But it's a judgement call. To each his own.
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        Re: Disposal unclog

        Actually, I prefer to use dowsing rods on stoppages.

        Works about 11 to 22% of the time.


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          Re: Disposal unclog

          In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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            Re: Disposal unclog

            Originally posted by Ninjaskillz View Post
            so, i am bad because I shared a little helpful info that maybe a few people can put to work? Wow, looking forward to more replys from you.

            There is nothing wrong with trying to help people save money. And if it doesn't work, ohwell, at least I tried, and they did to.

            And no sir, when I unstop, I carry a warranty. Usually 90 days. And if it stops up again it's free. So if I unstop with the disposal, and have to come back, a hour, week, or 89 days later, its FREE.
            But what do I know? Just a hack.

            (and I have actually never got a callback from disposal unstopping believe it or not)
            Wow so what your saying is after you tried to save them money and it backs up because you improperly took care of their problem. You come back and do it for free? Bad business on your bottom line. Can you say out of business soon . Really what your doing is not saving them money or helping your business. There are better ways to help a customer save a little money and provide the right service work needed.
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              Re: Disposal unclog

              I'm gonna' defend the Ninja just for the heck of it.

              Labeling his method incorrect isn't necessarily so. Where's the evidence from the Microdrain? The drain may be just as clear when he's done this as if he were to cable it.

              How so? I don't know. No pics. from both methods to compare. But no callbacks either according to him.



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                Re: Disposal unclog

                Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
                They called you to come unstop their kitchen sink. You are standing there in the kitchen with your tools and all you can do is fill up the 2 sinks and walk away? Where's the value in that?
                Where's the "value" in resetting a garbage disposal?

                Adjusting the water level so something flushes properly?

                Flipping the breaker back on for the water heater and that WAS all that was wrong?

                Some confuse value with time on the job.



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                  Re: Disposal unclog

                  Just trying to be a good guy. If it doesn't work, or blows the traps apart, ohwell, you already were thinking of calling a plumber.

                  If it does..... You are welcome