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'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

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  • 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

    should have snapped a pic of this... but I'll probably be back

    1 1/2" abs, 450 degrees of bend within 6' between the trap and the stack...

    trap, 6" to 90, 18" to 90, 3-4' to 45,45,san t sidways,san t into stack, last 4 fittings with no pipe between the fittings.

    got it to drain, but never got anything all the way into the stack.

    told tennant it's a joke and all needs to be replaced. just waiting for the call from the angry homeowner telling me how he did it himself and it works perfect.

    never ceases to amaze me how robust drain systems are, and how well even truly messed up stuff manages to work.

    and, if that wasn't enough, in that 3-4' horizontal run is a square t where the dishwasher drain drops in
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    Re: 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

    Well, It`s been working the last 30 years that way and you want to make fun of my plumbing

    I hear this all the time....


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      Re: 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

      Yea I hear all the time "We have lived here 40 years and never had a problem with the sewer" I always say "Then you have done well! But now the problems are here and they don't get better on there own"
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        Re: 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

        Here's a creatively snaked tub drain for your amusement. The snake cable broke through the 1-1/2 tubular PVC trap, flopped around in the air enough to grab the pull string to turn the light on and off. The snake wrapped the string around the cable as the cable turned, and actually shut the light off.

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          Re: 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

          That's a great first post!


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            Re: 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

            I love DIY plumbing. Sir I can't put any kind of warrantee on this drain It's not to code. Customer what do you mean not up to code I Used PVC .
            True story. HO thought just because he used PVC it was code
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              Re: 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

              Wow that's a rusty cable :-)

              My favorite was snaking through a closet flange (no cleanouts anywhere and customer would've had to move tons of stuff to get to the stack to install one) and I actually went the wrong way on the old cast iron sanitary T and went out the vent and was cabling around in the garden lol. I had no idea until I came back with the cable and there were flowers and other plants all over the cable and tip :-)

              How come the code allows anything less than a schedule 40 trap on a tub drain?


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                Re: 'creatively' plumbed kitchen sink drain

                Had one the other day. The guy had no way to turn the hot water off from the water heater. He put a spark plug in a pex line with a hose clamp. Sorry Sir we are drain cleaner not plumbers. Should have put in the new sink before installing the water heat himself.