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  • fun one...

    so slammed no time for pics/vid

    plugged tub.

    hard imovable blockage right at bottom of junction of drain and overflow.

    camera.... see 'delta'

    it's the center trim piece of the single handle shower knob, flat acorss the outlet, and friggin WEDGED in there.

    got three six inch sections of flexible drill bit, pushed a bit of wire with a loop into the drain, sent the flexi-drill in the overflow with drain micro also in overflo to watch, set drill bit in the loop on the end of the wire, pulled wire to center bit, popped a hole in the thing, then bent a bit of wire into a spiral, watched it into the hole with the drain micro (boy I love that thing), twisted the spiral til I had a couple of loops through the hole...

    then, yank, pop, and sweet victory.

    Here... give this to your manager... it's a $400 piece of plastic!
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.

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    Re: fun one...

    You deffinately know how to exercise your backgroung in tight tolerance atmospheres.
    I here a Helicopter jet turbine's fins are up there on the lit.
    I'm more of a hammer and saw guy.

    Yes people it's an inside line.