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caustic soup V's camera?

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  • caustic soup V's camera?

    I had an interesting situation yesterday that made me think about what we put our expensive gear through. I was called to a blocked sewer and the HO told me he put a jelly like mixture in the drain the night before which he had bought to unclog the drain. He then made his own caustic mixture (goodness knows what he put in there!!) which he put down the drain and left it overnight.
    By the time I got there the next day his mixture must have worked because the drain had cleared and his wife said it woke her up when it all gurgled away!
    Anyway he asked me to put the camera down and check it out and all I could think of was all the caustic mixture melting my expensive seesnake!.
    I didn't camera it I just told him to call me again if it reblocked and left it at that.
    Would it have dammaged the camera or my jetting gear if I had put it into that mix of caustic soup?

    BTW the drain was 100mm pvc and I suspect it only blocked due to a staff Christmas party the previous night as there were a lot of ladies there aparantly, and I bet at least one of them put a tampon in the drain. No previous history of blockages.

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    Re: caustic soup V's camera?

    If he truly made a caustic mixture, the alkalinity would attack the coating on the camera and/or wires over time. Any rubber or butyl rubber type coating will degrade over time if in contact with caustic. You could have run a garden or washer line hose down the line to rinse it out, then used the camera.


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      Re: caustic soup V's camera?

      All depends on what he mixed in his caustic soup. The cameras can handle some pretty nasty stuff but I am sure there are some chemicals out there that would be rough on em.



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        Re: caustic soup V's camera?

        line was already draining and unless the stuff was pooling, there wouldn't be much of anything left there. i always run water while running the camera.

        the jetter is least affected as all you have is a nozzle and hose. the sand and grit is the most harmful to my jetter and hoses.

        phoebe it is