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    Re: nozzels

    Originally posted by Cuda View Post
    Could you not get the 3/8 hose thru the P-traps? I only ask because when you reduce that 12gpm onto 1/4 hose it drops the gpm down which on mine makes the pressure hard to maintain (spikes)
    I do not have 3/8 hose on my main jetter, it is 1/2" hose. The portable cart is 1/4 which I thought was 3/8 hence me ordering the 3/8 nozzles. The hose pulled real nice through the floor drains and went out the 75' to the grease trap with a little work. I think the 3/8" hose if I had it would not have made the turns as easily as I did with the 1/4" hose.
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      Re: nozzels

      Just curious I have been using my 1/4" jet hose a lot more on 1.5" galv lines as opposed to my 1/8" line I bought (with aqua mole tips) The 1/4" line is bigger but I can twist the hell out of it to make turns. So today I ordered more nozzles from aqua mole for grease. I bought the monster and thruster based on your post Ron.
      Thanks! Bryce
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