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Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

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  • Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

    Had a call the other day. This job was a nightmare from the start.
    1 they never shoveled out said the did boy was I ticked. Got there and got stuck . 2 Lady comes out let me get my snow blower out so you can clear the drive way What! you want me to clear your driveway?
    Not happening. First I get my van unstuck. Then walk up to the house into a clutter filled basement Clean out was under the oil tank and the run to the street. was 300 feet maybe more. I only carry 230 feet.
    Plus no way in hell am I going to drag my machines through the snow.
    or snow blow here 300 foot driveway she was to cheap to have plowed.
    Said to the lady sorry I can't help you. I don't have enough cable.
    I'm glad I did not do this call she was trying to talk me down on price. No way not worth it.
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    Re: Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

    Sounds like a lose-lose situation. Cheap AZZes too!


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      Re: Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

      this past year I had a handy lady tell me that she wanted me to clean the kitchen sink line from the roof vent even though there was a perfectly good abs clean out under the cabinet. she couldnt get her cable through the clean out so she didnt want me to try.

      this on top of the fact that the do it your self specialist scoffed at the price made me jump in my van and drive off.

      she called a few times but i ignored her.

      i dont mind taking reasonable suggestions from customers but getting on a roof when there is a clean out is not reasonable.

      of course she couldn't wrap her head around the fact that the clean out is on the vent.


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        Re: Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

        just got home from an after hours emergency sewer backup...
        that turned out to be a toilet that wouldn't flush...
        not because it was clogged...
        but because the chain fell off the handle.

        this at a house where I cleared their main line a month ago, and was called back to clean because 'they said you left the bathroom a mess',

        which, yes, I left the same minor consequences of main line backup from seeping wax ring that were there when I arrived, but I cleaned the line from the exterior cleanout, and did not cause any of the 'mess' which amounted to a toilet that needed scrubbed out and the wet towels your tennants put down to catch the seepage from the leaking wax ring, which I (quite considerately I thought) put in the tub.

        and by the way, i did not charge you for the camera the first trip, which I used to verify that I had cleared the line as the cleanout was still holding an inch of water, and told you I could not guarantee the line as it is under 1-2 inches of water for about 80'.

        and by the way, I checked up on your story of a new sewer line 2 years ago, and talked to the guy whose company put it in, and it wasn't a new sewer line, which they informed you you needed, it was a reline to keep the roots from growing into the clay again, which was a few thosand cheaper than replacingit to correct the grade which should have been done and you were too cheap to pay for.

        and by the way, i didn't charge you for coming back and scrubbing the toilet and moving the towels from the tub to the wash machine and wiping down the floor with disinfectant.

        and I didn't charge you for the third trip when I camera'd the line again because your tennants freaked out because suds from the wash machine came up out under the toilet with he bad wax ring I told you should be replaced after the first trip and you were too cheap to pay me to do.

        but I'm sure as hell charging you for making me drive out at 6:30 pm to put a chain back on the toilet handle.

        I'm charging the **** out of you for that. And I hope you refuse to pay so I can justifiably tell you to go to hell the next time you call.

        This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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          Re: Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

          Oh that felt Good


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            Re: Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

            Email that to them Ace!
            Just kidding kinda
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              Re: Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

              I know your pain all to well Ace

              I always tell em I`m a plumber not a house keeper Call a cleaning service and they will clean your house. I`m just here to fix your sewer problem!


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                Re: Ever get a call you were happy not to do?

                There's a reason I keep my drain cleaning to the outside and let you guys do the inside work!