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Cleaning PVC Irrigation Pipe

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  • Cleaning PVC Irrigation Pipe

    Guys – I’m not sure that this is the correct place to post this but it seems close to the topic of drain cleaning.

    I’m currently remodeling my backyard. Due to the design I needed to get water to a remote part of the yard and while excavating the soil I discovered a PVC pipe stub coming out the concrete slab that runs around the back. There was also a stub near the faucet which is used to irrigate some existing plants and when I installed the irrigation system some years ago I also included extra valves for future expansion.

    So this discovery made me realize I could irrigate the new plants with pipe running under the new patio and so I connected everything up. On the supply side I had to use a coupling to join up the pipe stub as well as the valve side piping.

    Upon turning on the water I heard the water running briefly and then the sound stopped. No water emerged at the far end. Tried a couple more times with the same result.

    My guess is that over the years maybe debris had got in and clogged up the pipe – or it may have happened recently during the excavation process. We have clay soil which becomes very hard once dry.

    I’m wondering how to unclog this pipe and hence my post. The pipe is ¾” PVC. I have a small Ridgid drain cleaner that may work (not tried it yet).

    Should I use something more aggressive? Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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    Re: Cleaning PVC Irrigation Pipe

    Try either a small vacuum to suck out the blockage or stick a garden hose or jetter hose over the pipe and pressurise the pipes to backflush the debris. Could also be a squashed pipe?
    Regards, Bill

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      Re: Cleaning PVC Irrigation Pipe

      Thanks, I will try that also. I suppose it could be a crushed pipe - hopefully not since nothing is crushed that's visible so if it is it would be under the concrete slab.


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        Re: Cleaning PVC Irrigation Pipe

        Hey I have a question? I am putting in a couple of walk in tubs Cape Hatteras area. Do I need to reconfigure the pipe work? There is going to be on avarage a gallon to 4 drained out than a normal tub. Any ideas?