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    We to have done lots of the "Private Drain Program" This started in 2002, when many of the contrators could not obtain the proper bond to open the streets, so the City decided to take over the repairs. Here is a link on how the Private Drain Program works.

    Originally posted by indeepinchicago View Post
    Several years ago (about 7) the City of Chicago decided to take repair responsibility for the lateral lines on buildings four units and smaller. They will do a deemed "necessary" repair from the property line to the city main once the property owner can prove that the break is within their(city) area.
    This is done with a licensed drain contractor video inspecting the line with a city drain inspector witnessing.
    Here is the kicker. The drain contractor has to do the video inspection with their company equipment, provide a VHS tape to the inspector, and locate the area to be repaired and be liable for the accuracy of the locate for someone else to repair it!
    This took away alot of revenue from the drain companies!
    BTW The property owner has the burden of cost to prove the city liability.
    I have done alot of these called "Private Drain Program"s since it started.
    Some of the inspectors have sondes and receivers (Goldak) but for refuse to use them for the reason of the inspector does not want to be responsible for the equipment and the locate.
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