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What lessons did you learn in 2009?

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    Re: What lessons did you learn in 2009?

    new years rez: write up every job on site before diving away, no matter how busy and how many people are waiting.
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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      Re: What lessons did you learn in 2009?

      I've learned to plan my purchases a whole lot better. 5 truck payments during a recession sucks. Down to 3 now thank goodness!


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        Re: What lessons did you learn in 2009?

        I learned this year that life is to short to worry about the little things.
        This is a hard concept at least for me to really apply. It may be easy to understand but when it comes to actually doing it, I have found that difficult.
        I nearly died this year. I wasn't scared but the thought that stayed with me is what if my son had to grow up with out a father and what if I have not told my wife I love her enough. These are thoughts that I have spent thinking about for two months now and I am working on applying them to my life. This year and every year after it I decided that I will tell my wife I love her more and miss a fishing trip or two to spend a weekend with my son and to work harder than I have every, to provide a better life for my family. Hmm, two months of thought into one paragraph........



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          Re: What did you lesson learn in 2009?

          Originally posted by SewerRatz View Post
          What have I learned... hmmm. Well lets say the top ten things I learned:
          1. Copper is better than pex
          2. Cast Iron is better than PVC
          3. No matter how much you try to tell people the way to do things to code they do not care, the want to do hack job and want your approval..
          Pex is better than copper when it comes to resisting blowing when frozen. Copper is better than pex when you want minimal expanding, or antibacterial protection. Pex is better than copper if you want quiet. Pex is better than copper if your water is acidic.

          PVC is better than cast iron if you're running an acidic drain. Say from a urinal, or from bar where they run products like cola down the drain. Cast iron is better if you want "quiet". Cast is better if you want minimal thermal expansion or contraction.

          My point is merely that one product isn't necessarily always better than another product, the application demands need to be considered. I'm sure you already realize this though.

          I find that when I describe to a customer "why" the code requires certain things they are usually fairly understanding about it. Not always, but usually.

          What have I learned this year? To try and be more patient and understanding with respect to my customers family and friends.
          Time flies like an arrow.

          Fruit flies like a banana.


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            Re: What lessons did you learn in 2009?

            keep moving forward when times are the darkest the lord always gives us a way to provide for our families


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              Re: What lessons did you learn in 2009?

              1. It has taken me 4 years to figure this one out. No matter what the size or color of your ad, yellow page advertising will never pay for itself. This means you "AT&T Advertising and Publishing".

              2. Don't bill anyone, especially repeats or recommendations who I think I can trust. Meet to pay, credit card by phone, or I go to the next job. No more chasing checks.


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                Re: What lessons did you learn in 2009?

                Hey SewerRatz you dont have these exclusively over there. THe biggest battle is with anything that has a pulse. Idont know what your equivalent is but over here we have a company called BUNNINGS which runs classes for weekend warriors, instant experts. Mind you it is always sweet walking in to fix the cheap BS experts job after they have parted with quantities of cash aqnd the wrong advise.

                Looking forward to a great 2010 especially with all of you guys on this forum.

                THIS PLACE ROCKS GUYS...........!!!!!!


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                  Re: What lessons did you learn in 2009?

                  -This is my first full year in the business with my son and we have learned that if we both give all we have got, all the hours we can, to meet the needs of our customers we can attract more clients from our competitors than we can handle. Over here people are crying out for someone with the goodwill to do a great job with a guarantee, mop up the mess afterwards and not to rip them off, the competition are largely deaf.
                  -Last year I have learned to believe in guardian angels ,we have needed one! I wouldn't recommend anyone to start out with our level of experience, but what we lacked in experience we made up for in good intentions, low prices and hard work, many of our first clients have recommended us to neighbors.
                  -Last year I have learned what it is to earn good money and spend it all on great kit.
                  -I have learned a family business is something special, it brings us closer and has an advantage over the competition.
                  -I have learned to thank forums like this for opening up knowledge to everyone and Google Adwords for leveling the playing field and helping me take on the big guys.
                  -Above all I have learned that even if you get plastered in **** some days drain cleaning is magic! I love the job!