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You can`t fix STUPID

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  • You can`t fix STUPID

    I had 2 funny calls yesterday.
    In the morning I got a call from a guy I did a W/H install for on Monday. He said I don't have any hot water and when I turn up the W/H it doesn't start. I asked him if he has any water coming out of his faucet. He said only cold. I said you have nothing coming out of the hot side? He said NO. I said your hot water is frozen
    He said no it`s not and then went back to the W/H doesn't fire up when he turns it up. I said that's because the water is already to temp as you had me set it at max temp the other day. So turning it down then right back up wont fire it off. You water lines are frozen....ROTFLMAO

    You cant fix STUPID!

    Late last night I had a lady call me that we did a water service for asking me how come she doesn't have hot water in her kitchen? I said it`s frozen up. She said; it`s never done that before till you installed my water service.
    I told her it`s been over 10 years sense we have had -20 temps too. She said OH, I have only lived here about 8 months......rotflmao

    How in the hell does she know the water hasn't frozen up before if she has only lived there 8 months.....

    You cant fix STUPID!

    Today I`m getting funny sewer calls as the sewers are now frozen...

    Got one this morning asking me why the sewer we cleaned the other day is still clogged. I said because that big hole you dug in your back yard so we could clean your sewer has no dirt in it. Your sewer is now frozen up, go look in the hole.

    You cant fix STUPID!

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    Re: You can`t fix STUPID

    Dumb DA dumb dumb.

    Yes, people can be pretty dumb. Give them info all they here is what they want. Have sewer to septic line freezing up here most are only 2 1/2 feet deep 20 feet to 40 feet from foundation. PVC with sagging issues. Lots of freeze ups because of the belly in the pipe and shallow. But that's how they put it in. Or I thought I did a good job installing What part of not below the frost line don't they understand.
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      Re: You can`t fix STUPID

      Frozen sevice. Night call. Clear it. Was less than 100% thorough as it was night, and cold, and there were no caps on the cleanouts so no wonder it froze, so got a little worried when they called back the next am 'It's doing it again!'.

      Shot over there. Plugged toilet. And the upstairs tub won't drain. Because you have to push the chromed toe tap that says 'push' on it before it will.
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        Re: You can`t fix STUPID

        got a call last week - ho asked if i repair water heaters, i said yes we do so he said to come out and fix it but make sure i bring a new element,i said no problem we carry them on the truck. went to the call and guess what? it was a gas water heater!!!! CANT FIX STUPID!!!!


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          Re: You can`t fix STUPID

          I got asked to light an electric water heater before.
          What do you say? Sure no problem. Or do you waste the time to explain it to the customer. I have a few customers that are so sure that they are right. I just let them believe they are right. I don't have the time to spend several hours attempting to explain.

          any one ever change the freon on a Furnace?