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Toilet or septic ???

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  • Toilet or septic ???

    Hi - I have a plumbing question. My house is a 3 floor contemporary with a septic system. My bathroom up on the thrid floor recently started having issuses. The toilet will not flush correctly. When you flush it the water stats to go down then stops. If you hold the flusher down the water will flush but thats the only way it goes down. Could it be the toilet or does it sound like septic issues ?

    The down stairs toilet flushes fine.

    I also notice a horrible odor in the basement where the pipes are like septic gases.

    The septic was pumped a month ago.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Toilet or septic ???

    It's the toilet.


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      Re: Toilet or septic ???

      Thanks Big Jim....Adjustment in the back part or just can it and get new one ?


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        Re: Toilet or septic ???

        Hard to say. I can't see it from here.


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          Re: Toilet or septic ???

          Thats understandable....Is there an ajustment in the toilet I could try ? Thats the main question I guess im looking for an answer for. I just dont want to take it out and get rid of it if there is something I could try first.
          Thanks for your time, Phil


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            Re: Toilet or septic ???

            Check to see if the tank is full of water and the flapper is staying
            open long enough to provide an adequate flush.
            May just need a replacement flapper.


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              Re: Toilet or septic ???

              typically i would also say toilet as the 3rd floor would typically affect the lower floors if the septic/ sewer was plugged.

              but you also mentioned the fact that the septic was just pumped and the odor in your basement.

              if the third floor toilet runs all the way to the basement without picking up any other lower fixtures, then it's possible that the line in the basement that is just serving the 3rd floor toilet is plugged. the odor could be a loose c/o cap but that too would typically leak if the line is plugged or restricted.

              most likely it's the toilet, but it's possible it's the piping lower down the line as you also have a new odor.

              keep in mind that this scenario is only possible if the toilet is on it's own line before it picks up the lower level fixtures.

              of course only you can confirm that piping scenario.

              phoebe it is


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                Re: Toilet or septic ???

                My question is why did you pump the septic tank? Was it full and creating a stoppage? If so you may have multiple issues. The seal on the first floor water closet may be compromised and allowing sewer gases past. It may be water tight but not gas tight.

                Holding the trip lever down allowing more force from the tank to bowl flushes the water closet? Many possibilities with this. Partial blockage in the line,water closet,flapper.
                What type water closet? Is it a 1.6 or 3.5.Most 1.6 water closets do not relieve all of the water in the tank.Some do.

                Without being able to diagnos my best guess is in the water closet.