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name this machine?

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    Re: name this machine?

    Originally posted by JERRYMAC View Post
    i would say old roto rooter also they didn't have foot pedals

    but you can get one from gorlitz that will work with it

    also no forward reverse switch ! !
    I wouldn't exactly say "old" Jerry. They still use this style at some of their shops. To my knowledge, no foot pedals either. Oh the horror.

    To get reverse you lock it up in a stoppage then turn switch off

    when machine has lots of torque on it when the drum spins

    backwards at top speed you hit the on switch then it start

    running backwards that was the old way to reverse them
    Ah good ol days of rope, vice grips and a lot of torque.
    There's probably one or two guys here who might get that.


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      Re: name this machine?

      looks like it is going to be mine. Come this weekend