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Landscape run off drains (jetter?)

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  • Landscape run off drains (jetter?)

    First my whining,

    Man I hate these! The mickey mouse thin walled piping, T's instead of sweeps, the way they christmas tree the satellite lines to the main trunk. By the time the Customer calls you (usually during a downpour) the lines are typically hosed with roots. If you grab roots, you know they're coming from a compromised pipe. If you pull the roots, you are pulling roots into the pipe, causing more damage to the thin walled crapy pipe itself. There's got to be a better way!!!

    Wouldn't ya think the time to verify if your landscape drains are working would be before winter?

    Anyway, now to my questions

    1) How do you guys clean landscape drains? I use my Spartan 300 for 3" & 4" straight runs (curb cored), 100 machine for 2" satellite drains. I use a hose with a jet nozzle.

    2) Is there a sensible small jetter that will actually cut roots, without destroying that thin walled crappy pipe?

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    Re: Landscape run off drains (jetter?)

    A jetter that can cut roots can also cut up thin wall pipe. But I have done it but used a camera to do it carefully. I go smaller on these and use a 5GPM 2500 psi with root ranger. But I did not eliminate all the joint roots because I didn't want to ruin the pipe anymore than it already was. I think a cable snake does just as good of job because it's already got roots so just making it flow is the best I can do. I could see somebody trying to say I wasted there pipes and go after my insurance but I camera and record things to have proof just for this reason.
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      Re: Landscape run off drains (jetter?)

      the problem actually lays with the 90's and tees. straight pipe is typically a breeze. the jetter is my tool of choice on these as i know where the hose is as it goes from drain to drain. lots of times it's musical chairs with the tees. i always attempt to go in reverse from the curb back.

      the k-60 with the 7/8'' cable does a great job as the cable is both strong and very flexible in the tight 90's, plus with the clutch i can stop it in a split second.

      thanks for reminding me as i have 4 different jobs with area drains to sch. next week once the rain stops. fortunately these are not flooding the house, only the yard and the customers are all fine with the timing.

      personally a jetter is the best choice as along with roots there's always mud and debris. with the right hose, it gets around the 90's and flips a coin in the tee direction

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        Re: Landscape run off drains (jetter?)

        jet, camera, locate, then dig and replace the section that doesnt need to be perf with sch40 pvc.

        any house I build will have sch 40 leach line for foundation drains.
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