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jetters and maintance

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  • jetters and maintance

    Have the power washer jetter conversion.Do You think Using 100 ft of 1/4" hose will be tougher on pump seals , than the washer wand , and larger hose for power washing?
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: jetters and maintance

    The nozzle will have more to do with it than the hose. Did the nozzles come with a rate for your washer? What is the flow like. 1/4 should be fine for some smaller washer with the right nozzle. Smaller hose is handy easier to get though bends. Pressure washer hose is 3/8 most of the time but the tips are like 4.0 or 3.0 on smaller washers. Water cannon is a good resource for these sort of odds and ends.


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      Re: jetters and maintance

      I like Water Cannon good people
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