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Ridgid jet vac

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    Re: Ridgid jet vac

    Originally posted by bill2601 View Post
    Does it fit inside 4" pipe? Single jet?
    Not sure but here's the link.
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      Re: Ridgid jet vac

      They are the reason we designed ours. It won't fit into a 4" shaft. If we need to inspect the base of a blocked trap or shaft we have to be able to get the pump right where the action is. If it won't fit in the riser we can't do the job! We charge $200 to hire the pump plus labour.
      Regards, Bill

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        Re: Ridgid jet vac

        used mine again yesterday on a nasty outdoor sump pit full of sludge and roots.

        where has this been hiding for all my years

        it's amazing, the front jet breaks up the sludge with a 0 degree impact #2 nozzle and the rear #3 sucks it out.

        of course with a small jetter, you could always plug off the front. and with a large jetter you could increase the rear to really suck

        no parts to jam and no power to worry about.

        an incredible tool for the jetter

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Ridgid jet vac

          Wow! This thread must have made the sales jump! I ordered mine way back when this thread came out from Toolup and they are just shipping it today.
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            Re: Ridgid jet vac


            when you get this thing let me know how it works with your 8 gpm 3500 psi pump.