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A Good sewer cleaning Story

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    Re: A Good sewer cleaning Story

    Originally posted by geno gardner View Post
    I have to admit I laughed when I read what you did. I also admit that over the years I've had some customers where I would have enjoyed dishing out similar treatment. I'm sure you took some satisfaction at giving a little back. However, I'm inclined to agree with Ace, I think you, and society, would have been better off in the long run taking them to small claims court.

    In work as in everything else we all have to choose our own path. We will reap whatever result we earn from our choices along the way.
    True the proper way to handle it would have been through the courts/collections, but this customer has had a history of not paying people for work theyve done, I know 2 plumber friends that were stiffed by this customer, and by the time you pay laywer/collection/court costs/fees it ends up costing you money to try and collect the money you already lost, what there should be is a large data base that contractors/plumbers/Drain cleaners/ service personel, can go to and type in the name of a customer and get a rating or a payment type history, I know when i go to the bank to borrow $$ they look at my history, Why should the service industry be any different ?