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Gas service run through sewer line

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    Re: Gas service run through sewer line

    Not a gas main but fibre optic cable through a sewer main
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      Re: Gas service run through sewer line

      how deep are the sewer mains .up in Canada we'er between 12 feet deep just to stay out frost


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        Re: Gas service run through sewer line

        Originally posted by bill2601 View Post
        We ripped through a gas pipe with the 'Blade Cutter' attached to the Root Ranger on the end of the water jetter. Customer called us back saying they could still smell the sewer in their bathroom. We returned to find the toilet bowl bubbling gas (I have a video of it somewhere). The street was shut down. Gas co. had us dig down on the pipe and they made a repair around the sewer pipe and then denied being responsible!!
        I would reeeeealy like to see that video.
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          Re: Gas service run through sewer line

          Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
          i posted of this a number of years ago and i was lucky to clear the line, and locate the gas main. city shut off the gas and repaired the sewer line. plus they paid all their sewer plumbing bills for the last 5 years it was there and plugged up.

          what caught me was it was my first time there and i was the one that cut into it. how about the last 15 guys 5 years x 3 times a year

          I guess that says 1 in 16 drain cleaners really clean a line in your area...

          I had a call where I noticed a patch in the road...

          I asked "who done it" and they told me "the gas company shooting a line to a neighbors house"...

          I computed the distance and when I attempted to snake the line the stoppage was right there. We stopped with the attempt immediately and the see snake confirmed the location but couldn't see anything due to the line holding water.

          A call to the gas company had them say send the bill to us...

          I don't know if they shot the line through it or just disturbed it when they dug but I knew I didn't need to find out.
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            Re: Gas service run through sewer line

            There still cameraing lines for the Gas company in St. Paul and Minneapolis, as far as 30 miles north.
            I was led to believe that the Gas company employes are doing it.

            Customer called as they had identified some roots in the line.

            Makes me think that there are still some trouble spots out there.

            And here all I was worried about were rats and white alligators.


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              Re: Gas service run through sewer line

              You were blessed Ron,,,
              Somebody up there likes you,,,,!!!
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