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thawing potable water lines

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  • thawing potable water lines

    think I posted about this before, not sure. It's come up again, and wondering if others have run into it, and what you've done, and if there are any industry standards.

    Poly water lines are becoming more and more common. I've seen them as services for houses on municiple water and from well heads. When they freeze a welder is not an option as there is no continuity, but I can jet them.

    My concern is contaminating the water. I did one yesterday. 275' run from the building back to the well head. Used a brand new hose, used nozzle. Bleached both before use, flushed the line for an hour plus afterward, but still have concerns.
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    Re: thawing potable water lines

    don't worry alex. when i mixed up my milk shake it was a new cable and new k-60, but a used 4 blade cutter

    i'm still fine

    why not just a dedicated new nozzle and hose, possibly a dedicated jetter too and a dedicated water fill hose.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: thawing potable water lines

      I have a separate system for thawing water lines, General J1600 jetter with hose and nozzle. It works well, it uses just under 2gpm, and the pump will draw water from a storage tank or bucket, and with the water recirculation you do not need much water.