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Drum machines with a brake?

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    Re: Drum machines with a brake?

    drain cleaning is not a job for everyone. some are disgusted by waste and others are physically just not fit for the physical side of it.

    there is not a drain that i've done that ever requires 2 people with a sectional.

    i know that unless you're willing to take the drum off, the cable out, there are just physical limitations 1 man can do with a drum machine.

    but then again, i''m also the one that installs 100 gallon heaters by myself up and down stairs. and the same guy that carries 50 gallon water heaters on my back upstairs, hangs 6'' no hub by myself and everything else by myself.

    once again plumbing is not for the weak. it's a physically demanding job, especially when you work by yourself.

    maybe, i've been lucky, maybe it's good genes, maybe i just don't let the work get to me. but someones got to do it and it might as well be me

    one day i might have someone video tape me running a sectional and it will blow your mind how fast, easy and simple the machine is to run.

    i'm no longer the only one to know that

    phoebe it is