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twin engine jetter or single?

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  • twin engine jetter or single?

    I have a twin engine jetter that I have built and installed in my van. It takes up alot of space. 16 gpm @ 4000 psi combined and 8 gpm @ 4000 psi with single engine. The large 250 gallon tank takes up the most room. I got this machine because I was used to the US Jetting trailer unit and wanted the unit in the van for winters. From past posts it seems like what I have is just over kill. I was thinking of taking out one engine and using a smaller tank and setting up my warthogs for that flow and psi. The largest lines I will be jetting will be 12" farm lagoon lines. The majority of the time will be 4", 6", and 8" lines with roots. Single engine or two give me your opinions.

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    Re: twin engine jetter or single?

    Based on the lines size I say keep both, but since you are the one doing the work do you just run with 1 motor most of the time? If you do then you have made the choice already. Speed is the reason I say keep both and if you need more room add a little trailer to your van or maybe another van why do you need the space? I have a van just for jetting and another for general drain cleaning and plumbing.
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