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Ridgid weld on repair end

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  • Ridgid weld on repair end

    Was thinking of brazing the cable end inside the cavity. before I weld it on,any thoughts?

    Just what role does the cable play ? Thanks
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    Re: Ridgid weld on repair end

    tool, brazing is going to be a long heat cycle and ruin the heat treating of the cable. where the weld is quick and only at the end. this is there to keep it from unscrewing.

    i wouldn't do it

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    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid weld on repair end

      Tool Are we talking about the General cable? If we are it is not really a repair cable without welding a coupler on the outside, you cant dig out the cable like you can on others and put a screw style coupler or end on it the metal just won't take it.
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