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  • Basics Help w/ New Drum Machine

    Have new drum machine for own residential use (a few houses) (Ridgid K-750) to periodically clean out tree roots + regular maintenance. Made one successful pass (I think...) & have questsions about how the 5/8" cable acts in a 3" line: (1) How can you "feel" when you're getting near over-running into the City line? I have measured the distance but have difficulty knowing how much cable is really out there - & once sat with a pro who talked about just "knowing" when he was about to hit the City line. (2) What does it mean when the cable starts to sort of rock back and forth in the pipe (and this happened when it was probably 50'+ out...). It didn't feel like any sort of obstruction - and wonder if it is just the length or something else.

    Would appreciate any info and help!

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    Re: Basics Help w/ New Drum Machine

    you never want to overrun too far into the city main as there's always a chance of getting into a knot or kinking it bad.

    out here, or laterals are 6'' we maintain then go into the city main which is a minimum of 8''.

    there are a few ways to know when you hit the main. one is with a camera and get an actual footage. then paint your cable at that footage and know the mark. the other way is to pull the manhole and have someone listen for the whipping and scrapping.

    with a jetter, it's actually pretty easy to tell as the jetter will stop pulling as you enter the larger main and the manhole will either be sucking or blowing.

    phoebe it is