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    Septic notices went out today. Local county planning office have forms that must be filled out by a licened pumper. I get a couple of call from the other pumpers in the area too asking about what it cost. They play dumb and tell you every detail except there name. One local guy calls all the time, the number comes up blocked and I can bet it him. He has a voice like Erkel. He hung up on me when I said I'll have to call you back after I call the county to see what is really the size of the system. They call all the time with question about video work and jetting too. I think its funny. I'm pretty careful with every phone call that comes in to make a good impression. You can tell when its the other cleaner down the street. I did call around years ago too, but soon found it didnt matter what the rest of the world was doing I still had to pay my own bills. I'm debating should I say something to him the next time I see him at the treatment plant.

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    They must have been calling me too since 90% of my calls were price shoppers today. The only thing we pumped was a sump for an ejector pump. Oh I take that back. I must be getting old as I didn't remember that we did pump a holding tank this morning.